Today’s stressful society has many people searching for how to reduce anxiety.

The first step to transforming one’s life is changing how one understands the mind.

For meditation and yoga teacher Stine Koppernæs, meditation and changing the relationship to her mind have been invaluable tools that allow her to experience more peace and freedom from anxiety in her life. She has been a teacher since 2006, and through the years she has experienced what truly transforms her inner state of being.

“I love sharing this way of finding true, lasting peace,” Koppernæs said. “For me, and for everyone, it starts from within.”

Her new book, “Be the Alchemist of Your Life: Dare to go Within”, provides readers with the power of gratitude, acceptance, love, and freedom. It condenses her expertise into a single volume that empowers anyone seeking spiritual guidance.

Be the Alchemist of Your Life: Dare to go Within

By Stine Koppernæs 
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About the author 
Stine Koppernæs has been a meditation and yoga teacher since 2006. After searching in different spiritual directions for several years, she finally found teachings that resonated with her. Information about her meditation and yoga teachings can be found at