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Some Background

New Age Journal provides insights, news and information for the New Age community on alternative health, spirituality, wellness, sacred places travel and more. We publish articles about metaphysical, spiritual and holistic topics such as meditation, yoga and healing.

At one time we had a network of websites in a family known as New Age Web Works, the only other one of which that now remains is New Age Travel. We are edited, published and hosted by Cedar Cottage Media located near Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Our webmaster and editor is Robert Scheer, a journalist and marketing consultant who was formerly the editor and publisher of Power Trips magazine. Robert created in October, 2000. To the best of our recollection, this website was founded by Mr. David Lee, who later passed it along to Mr. Jack Schafer, and for several years it was published under the auspices of Marketing Methods Inc.

We are not affiliated with any magazine printed on paper. We occasionally get email from people asking about the former printed magazine named “New Age Journal.” It is our understanding that its name was changed to something like “Body Mind and Spirit,” which was later purchased by Oprah, and is no longer being published.

You are welcome to contact us by sending email to: editor “at” If you are interested in contributing an article, please take a look at our Writers Guidelines.