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World Yoga Music Review

World Yoga
Putumayo World Music
Total Time: 60:15
Released October, 2012

World Yoga is a CD that will find a home in almost every music library, whether yoga is a part of your daily routine or not. This excellent compilation of fifteen pieces of soothing and relaxing music carries the listener around the globe, providing spacious enjoyment.

Putumayo has crafted a beautiful mix of songs that can be used as a companion to yoga, morning stretches, or meditation. Or, let the songs create a backdrop of restful and calm energy, carrying you where they will.

Drawing on international musicians who understand the importance of music as being therapeutic, this CD offers listeners a global treat, while maintaining a flow between each piece.

Beginning with Sona Jobarteh’s ‘Reflections’, the listener is invited to relax, center, and be present to the next fourteen cuts, including a 2nd piece, ‘Saya’ by Jorbateh. Each succeeding song weaves beautifully from one to the next, drawing the listener deeper into the tapestry of this compilation and preparing a space to be fully present to your practice, whether it is yoga, meditation, journaling, or reflecting on the day.

World Yoga has become an enjoyable part of my morning routine. It is timeless music, crafted in an exquisite unfolding that draws the listener in and through each song on a sixty-minute journey that can be a breath of fresh air each day.

Putumayo World Music’s twenty years of introducing listeners to music of the world’s cultures is highly evident in this new CD. Their tag line ‘Guaranteed to make you feel good!’ is true through and through on World Yoga. This is an absolute two-thumbs up CD that is now on my gifting list, for year-round giving!

Review by Colleen Adair. Learn more about Colleen’s work at:

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