Kratom removed from banned drugs bill in Arizona
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Kratom removed from banned drugs bill in Arizona

Kratom is an ethnobotanical herb that has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of Southeast Asia as a stimulant and pain reliever.

In Arizona, where the plant is available for sale in some pharmacies, there was a plan to add two substances that are only contained in the kratom plant to the state’s list of banned drugs.

Matthew Hendley recently wrote about the controversial herb in the Phoenix New Times:

Many advocates of kratom were aware of the proposal to ban the substances in Arizona, and although New Times sent a message to the bill’s sponsor, Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth, seeking an explanation for adding kratom to the list, he didn’t provide one.

However, Farnsworth proposed an amendment Thursday in the House Judiciary Committee (which he chairs) to remove the kratom-related substances from the list, which includes about 40 other substances to be banned.

The committee voted in favor of the amendment, so kratom will remain legal in Arizona for now.

Most states don’t have laws against possessing kratom, but a few do, as do a few countries.

But there are people who swear by the plant. In a 2011 New Times story, kratom users touted its qualities as a painkiller, or as a way to overcome addiction to pharmaceutical painkillers.

A DEA evaluation states there’s “no legitimate medical use” for kratom (realize that the same agency claims there’s no accepted medical use of marijuana, either).

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Over 25 alkaloids have been isolated from the plant that share some similar activity with yohimbine and opiates. The primary alkaloid, once thought to be matragynine, is 7-hydroxymitragyne and acts as an mu receptor agonist effectively alleviating opiate withdrawal. In Malaysia it has been used to treat opiate addiction since the early 19th century. The plant also has immunostimulant activity similiar to cats claw. Because of its complex and unique nature, Kratom is believed to become of great importance to the future of phytopharmacology.

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