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‘Universal Lessons – A Journey Through the Afterlife by Caroline McCutcheon.  Let Universal Lessons open your mind, touch your heart and expand your horizons. Available as paperback or e-book:

Heart Defibrillators – A portable automated electronic defibrillator can save lives. Reviews help you choose the best one for your situation.

Shamanic/Holistic Intense 60 day training programs in Hawaii. Certification in Hypnosis, Dream interpretation, Reiki, Herbs, Alignments- more! Shamanic Apprenticeship 1-808-936-6067. Start a new career in two months! Learn from 25 yrs experience.

Canadian Visas – If you want to live, work or study in Canada, they can help you improve your eligibility to get a Canadian visa.

Organics Online – Shop via your computer for healthy, nutritious, natural foods and groceries for yourself and your family.

Reiki Retreat. Learn Reiki at an eco-lodge in Tanzania, Africa. Sunrise yoga, jungle meditation & safari.

Gift Cards. If you love gift cards but hate having to pay for them then check out Gift Card Academy at

Credit Card Knife – Folding survival knife the size of a credit card fits into your wallet. Click to get one free:

Mongolian Yurts also known as gers, these remarkable tents are now popular in back yards and campgrounds

Spiritual Travel. Body Mind Spirit Journeys presents sacred places tours to France Italy, India, Mexico and other pilgrimage destinations.

Carry-on luggage. Reviews of suitcases and bags you are allowed to carry on airlines. Visit

Bunny Lovers, the new Hoppington Post website provides pet rabbit information and news about lagomorphs.

Travel Guide. Day Trips Travel Guide provides new travel tips and ideas.

Mystery Schools. Eye-opening book about ancient mystery schools. “Secrets of the Masters: How to Get Anything You Desire.” Read part one online free. Learn secrets of the masters yourself.

Chow Obedience. Top Chow breeders reveal insider secrets on obedience, grooming, training, diseases, personality and more in the new DVD, How to Raise a Happy Healthy Chow Chow.

Financial Assistance – Personal and business loan finance management assistance for bad credit debts.

Diane Fossey – What if the murdered gorilla researcher were still alive? A new book, Gorilla Dreams: The Legacy of Diane Fossey, gives fresh insights to her life and death.

Ayahuasca Retreats – Ayahuasca Shaman Info connects you to buy ayahuasca vine and leaves, ayahuasca tea retreats & more.

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